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For over 100 years and 5 generations, the Childs family has been a staple in the city of Baltimore.  Between 1880 and 1900, Baltimore’s population grew by more than 175,000 people, and the port was busier than ever with an increased demand for grain, flour, cotton, and tobacco in Europe.

It was during this time of economic growth that W.C. Childs hitched his team of horses to the wagon and founded what would become one of the longest standing family run businesses in Maryland.

What started as a general hauling and cargo trunk transportation business in the 1890’s has grown into a full service household goods moving and furniture delivery service.  The above photo shows the first non-horse driven vehicle used by Childs Express with Mr. Childs, and his son, the second and third generations of Childs Express.

Family Values

We attribute our longevity to God’s grace and our core family values of integrity and hard work.  Today, if you call Childs Express, Inc. you will still speak to and deal with someone from the Childs family.  We promise that when your move is over, you will know why after more than a century we are still Baltimore’s premier mover.

childs family

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