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Childs Express, Inc. has developed a comprehensive liability plan to meet whatever coverage needs you may have for your upcoming move. You should know that Federal Motor Carrier regulations only apply to moves that cross state lines and do not apply to moves happening between two points in the same state. You should also know that, regardless of what coverage a moving company has, they are only liable for whatever limits the customer agrees to, not their total policy limits. At Childs Express, we believe in both educating our customers and providing them with a coverage option tailored to their needs.

Liability Coverage

At the local moving level, we offer a basic coverage and full replacement coverage with multiple deductible options. The basic level of liability coverage is included as part of our normal pricing at no additional cost and follows the industry standard of $0.60 per pound per item. Our full replacement coverage offers a greater level of liability to cover any potential damage that might occur on a move. This coverage is available with different deductible options to give our customers the greatest value in both coverage and cost. Instead of total loss coverage, we recommend a lower but reasonable amount of coverage to cover any potential claims. In our 100 years of business, we have never had a total loss claim and question whether a customer moving a short distance really needs that much coverage for their move. For instance, $10,000 worth of coverage is much more cost effective than $100,000 of coverage and is still probably more than enough to cover anything that might arise. Ultimately our goal is to develop a coverage plan that gives each customer peace of mind for their move.

Interstate Moving

For more than 12 years, Childs Express has been an agent for Bekins Van Lines, providing our customers with great interstate moving services. Bekins operates under Federal Motor Carrier regulations, which gives each customer access to great valuation coverage. Bekins offers both basic coverage and full value coverage. The Federal Motor Carrier Administration has developed a great resource for better understanding the ins and outs of interstate moving and how liability coverage applies to it.

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